Yelena was born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine. From early childhood she developed a love for the arts. By the age of twelve, she recognized, that she had a passion for Photography. She beegan her modeling and acting career in Odessa and attendid the College of Physical Education.

As a young adult, she realized that she could best advance her talents in the United States. Upon arrival she was coached in English diction and was accepted to study acting at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. The Love for photography was always with her. She volunteered her services as photographer for her acting colleagues, who were more than greatful to have professional photographs for their auditions. A successful model, Yelena Yeva became well known internationally in the Fashion industry, She was photographed by major photographers, including David Garviy,and her ambition to learn photographic techniques from the best teachers inspired them to teach her.

Peter Greenberg invited Yelena to join him as photographer on his television production of "The Royal Peru", a tour of that beautiful country in which the President and First Lady served as hosts and guides. Attending performances of New York City Ballet gave her the realization that ballet was an Art form with infinite images that a camera could immortalize.

Yelena Yeva learned her craft from both sides of the Camera and from the finest and most professional teachers because nothing less would have satisfied her. She has a very unique ability to capture a moment, an image, an inspiration that she is able to see and grasp at it's culmination.

Yelena has become an established photographer whose work has been published in magazines internationally, notably in Europe, South America, the Carribbean and the United States.